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Come and celebrate the ancient Celtic Way and learn how to unlock the mysteries within your own human nature. The ancient Celts were everywhere - Northern Spain, The Holy Lands, The Rhine River, and the Silk Road of China and of course Scotland and Ireland.

Our 300 year old ranch is historic in the Texas Hill Country 20 minutes north of San Antonio. Take a boat ride on the San Antonio River. Visit the Culinary Institute of America at the Pearl Brewery Landmark, also on the river. Enjoy cuisine from around the world, most particularly Latin fare. San Antonio is now recognized as the gateway to South America and the CIA specializes in Latin American and Spanish Foods. We have many up-scale restaurants for fine dining and/or Hill country establishments that celebrate local foods and culinary traditions within 25 minutes of the ranch. There are also grand, charming and/or quaint hotels and/or Bed and Breakfast accommodations for your convenience.

While at the ranch learn to ride our Peruvian horses in the Classical style. Whether you are a beginner or accomplished rider we have the right horse for you.  

Be smooth in the horse’s natural gait or rock the trot. The Peruvian Horse came from Spain to Peru 500 years ago and they have remained the same.

Why Do We Need Horse Sense?

Horse Sense is more than you think. It not only grounds us but it teaches us to rise above. It gives us wisdom and wings. Humanity, today, could use more of it. We ask you to join us and help bring ‘Horse Sense’ back into the forefront of our everyday world. We need it in our families, communities, the workplace, schools, the mental health system and our own personal lives. It can be life-changing and infuse us with hope. It fosters compassion and sensitivity.

If you are concerned, like we are, about the increasing violence and turmoil in our society today, let us hear from you. Let us know your concerns. It is going to take all of us, not just designated professionals, to reclaim our higher nature. By dropping one pebble into water, each of us can make ripples that create waves. We have a subjective power to create, if we cultivate it.  When we uncover this essence within our own being, we can use it for good. Self discovery is not only fulfilling, but uplifting. Sound philosophies for living give us freedom, direction and choice.

Preventing the intolerable begins, when each one of us intentionally strives, within our own circles of influence, to make our world a better place.


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 We have 5 day clinics to please you.


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