You Can Be Better Than You Are

If You want to expand your horizons and find your joy,
Hacienda Tres Aguilas
-The Equine Experience TM

opens doors to Connection, Composure and Creativity.


If You want to learn about an ancient horsemanship that
reaches the heart and mind of horse and rider,
discover wise and exciting strategies for living
or better understand the psychology of human nature
Hacienda Tres Aguilas-The Equine Experience TM is for You.


If You love nature and want to be a part of the mystery
and passion to expand your consciousness then email us

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Horse Sense and the Human Heart

Every Day we watch people make profound inner shifts
when they step into this arena to find unity and wholeness.

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary ride into the ‘heart of possibilities.


Don’t wait ...

You have abilities and talents to discover.

You have a spirited nature to explore.



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